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February 20, 2015

Riffle Paper Co Tin Recipe Box

My husband and I we love to cook. And over the years we accumulated a few very good recipes and we usually write them on small pieces of paper and put them on our fridge. But we just talked about how unorganized they are and how easily could they get lost – especially with (now) two sets of hands playing with the magnets (and consequently the recipes) on the fridge all the time.
We have already tried to re-write them into a notebook but that isn’t really working out for us. I think there must be three different notebooks out there already each containing a few recipes which is even worse than what we’re doing now. But now I think I have found the perfect solution for us; a recipe box with cards to write recipes on! Simple as it sounds.

Pleased to Meet Recipe Boxes

Pleased to Meet Recipe Cards

I have found these beautiful ones made of hard cardboard from Pleased to Meet that come in four different gorgeous colors. My favorites are french grey and petrol. Boxes come pre-equipped as a starter kit with 30 recipe cards and dividers.

Riffle Paper Co Wood Recipe Box

Riffle Paper Co Tin Recipe Boxes

Riffle Paper Co Recipe Cards

I also love recipe boxes from Riffle Paper Co. They have wooden and tin ones and they come with 12 letterpress dividers and 24 Recipe Cards and you can also buy those separately, there are six different kinds to choose from.

Wouldn’t they also make a great wedding gift?

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