Wall Art Hunting: the Beginning

March 20, 2012

One of the hardest things for me to buy is wall art! I like, even love a lot of paints and prints but still can’t pick the ones I would like to see on our walls! Does this even make any sense? We have one from Belle&Boo in Tila’s room and that’s about it… We have the dullest walls you can imagine – white all over! But no more, I’ve decided to find a few that I’m willing to let in our home…wish me luck! In the mean time I thought about sharing a few of my favourites and maybe you can help me pick the prettiest ones?

Dining room is the only room I know what I want for (I think!). I’ve seen this Marimekko fabric called Kaiku stretched over canvas and hung on a wall at my friends Julia house a few years ago and I still can’t get it out of my mind – so I’m 99.9% positive I know I want this thing in there! The only thing is that I can only find it in greem and I really love the pink one!
It costs €36 per meter at KOTI Designhouse and the print repeats every 250cm and I think that shipping is free! Hooray! If only they had the pink one…sigh

And I found a few gorgeous options for Tila’s room. Just not sure yet if I’d like to go more retroish or maybe more soft and romantic… Ay, ay, ay I think there will be some (a lot!) more posts on this subject. But let’s start with some softer picks first:

Prints above (from left to right):
1. Caron Aline’s “I’m not Fashion”
2. Borrell Amy’s “Ta-Da!”
3. Bukubuku’s “De la A à la Z” (from A to Z)
4. Sarah Jane’s “I Love You Friend”

All from €39/€59 (30x40cm/50x70cm) at L’Affiche Moderne and shipping €5.60 – €12.60 within EU

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