Waystoplay Rubber Motorway Tiles

February 8, 2016


My husband (also known as Papa Bear) desperately wants to get a rug with some curvy streets on but I’m banning the ones that circulate the market ever since I was a toddler and the others I actually like (love the black and white one from H&M home) are supposedly to lightweight and will curl and slip accordingly to him so he’s banning those. So we don’t have one.


BUT! I thing I found a solution both of us will love. It’s not a rug but it’s even better actually. Rubber Street parts (curves, crosswalks, roundabouts, crossings, parking places) that simply as a jigsaw assemble a motorway of your desire. Such a simple yet ingenious idea. The thin rubber sticks nicely to the floor so it won’t curl or slip 😉 and it can also be taken apart and put away and even used outside and washed! Needless to say it is also super flexible so uses for it are endless! I bet they stick to bathroom tiles too.

WaytoPlay is a Dutch design produced in Germany and the one that came u with it was a dad for a change. He wanted to make something special for his son’s 4th birthday and he carved street tiles from rubber for him – the coolest idea ever or what?

Their Internet site is unfortunately only in Dutch for now but I’m quite sure this will change soon. Until then uncle Google Translate is wiling to help you out or simply shoot them an email with an order request to sybren@waytoplay.nl.


There are three different sets available with 12, 16 and 24 pieces available ranging from 30 to 60 Euros and also separate pieces. Shipping within EU costs about €5 and outside €20

You should check out their fun videos here to see it in action!

Ps. I found this product via this Instagram account and be warned because you look – there’s so much more you’ll want they have!

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