Yporqué: Abnormally Fun and Gorgeous!

January 24, 2012

I really never thought I’d say that but seriously – how cool are these polo necks? Simple moustache, kissing lips and a bow tie separate these polo necks from the plane, boring one-coloured ones, don’t they? I must be strange but I have never heard about this Spanish brand Yporqué before! After I took a look at their site I was amazed and super surprised about my unawareness! This is one awesome brand, designing ridiculously fun pieces that both kids and moms have to love. Very child-attractive but not at cost of flashy, tacky colours and details.

Just take a look at their new upcoming SS12 collection!!! I have often pointed out how much I “dislike” animals-hanging-off kind of clothing but look at the shark hoodie – how could someone not love that?! And do you remember when I said I’d never dress my child in animal prints? Biting my tongue again – you are going to see Tila in their Leopard tank top this summer for sure! How the heck do they do it? I am speechless!
There’s a great sale on polo necks at Århus & Co. (€18, shipping depending on location) and at Baby Jungle Store for €25.25 and shipping within EU €7.90 – the name of the store is only a coincidence. I think…

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